49ers minicamp review: Young Lance mentor, Omenihu shares rising, more

The San Francisco 49ers completed their official camp earlier this week, opting to drop out of training on Thursday, ending this part of their game program with head coach Kyle Shanahan announcing that the team will not play until the coaching staff starts at the end of July. .

What were the large vessels of the two days?

1. Trey Lance learns from Steve Young

In a media presence this week, quarterback Trey Lance shared parts of his relationship with 49ers legend Steve Young, in which the two spoke through social media and exchanged phone numbers.

“We need to talk more, yeah,” Lance said of his dealings with Young. “Obviously, with a guy like that, it means the world every time he says anything about me. I have nothing but respect for such a person. whatever he says, whatever he gives me, I accept with open arms. “

Last week, Young praised Lance’s ideas and corrections, expressing his confidence in the young signature singer.

“On the contrary, they are organized and everyone,” Steve Young said last week through the Bay Area News Group. He can understand what is going on. He can tell who he is [is open]. And that’s the real talent. That is not easy. It just wasn’t given. There is real talent there. That’s why I have every confidence that Trey knows where to throw. “

“Trey’s problem is, once he finds out, then how he can give it. It’s another great skill you have to develop and develop. So for me, I’m right where it comes from. [things] as he demonstrates his creative power. I think his body responds, and he finds the guys open and aware. Then it gives you confidence that you will deliver. “

While Young believes repetition is crucial to Lance’s development and throwing skills, the former player believes Lance’s mindset has taken him a long way.

“More than anything, I give the ball to the open man over and over again, and I gain confidence, because that’s where he has to work,” Young said. “This is a lot harder than it is emotional. Some guys have ideas. Some guys have both. But Trey has very sharp ideas, and I think that will take him a long way.”

According to Grant Cohn of Sports Illustrated, Lance finished with a final interest rate of 74%, six hits, and two four-way broadcasting.

2. Nick Bosa, Deebo Samuel, and Trent Williams go to the camps

When another four-year-old friend, DK Metcalf, decided not to leave the camp, Deebo Samuel went to San Francisco, to avoid any fines.

In addition, veterans Nick Bosa and Trent Williams were there for the first time this summer, and both were in uniform rehearsing while Samuel rehearsed individually.

Bosa spoke about the nature of his contract, choosing to ignore any discussions and focus on his game, and allowing his assistant to be able to discuss what happened.

“I do not know [about any contract talks right now]. I’ve always been thinking about being better. I will let my agent complain. “

Head coach Kyle Shanahan also spoke about the matter, acknowledging that the team has not yet begun discussions with the star, but is not too concerned about the matter.

“We never did [contract talks] but with Nick, that’s how both sides are doing now, and I’m not too concerned about it. I hope Nick Bosa has been here for a very long time, but seeing him for the first time in time, Nick always takes care of himself as any athlete I’ve ever been to. He had a good Florida accident to see him yesterday. His quads are still great and he is ready to play football whenever it is time. “

With the 49ers out of action until the start of the training camp, both Deebo Samuel and Nick Bosa would have been able to resolve their contract issues sometime before they were on the field.

3. Charles Omenihu stock rise?

Defensive end Charles Omenihu found a slim chance between the season and the 49ers last year, as the former Houston Texan had several years to lead the team and promised as a runner, playing 25% of San Francisco defense.

Omenihu could be on the verge of a break this year, as defense coordinator DeMeco Ryans told reporters that OTAs have been a great addition to the 24-year-old defense as they continue to understand the 49ers’ security challenges.

“With all our boys, whether they are the ends or the fighters, all the boys should walk as far as they can. [moving Omenihu inside is] there is nothing like stone right now. We’re just using methods, starting right now and just putting the guys in as many different places as we can to see what they can do. Charles has done a great job, I think the OTAs have been very rewarding for him. He came in the middle of the season, so to get all the basics, starting one day of how we play D-Line, this has been great for him. I am glad he can take these OTAs under his belt. They have been very good to us because they have a starting point of how we do things now. “

In addition, Omenihu received praise last week from Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports, who anointed him as a player ready for the 2022 break.

“Surprisingly, having been on the field for nearly 40 snaps in every game with the Texans, the 49ers’ newly acquired, the top runners have never played more than 20 pictures in a single race for the entire season,” he said. wrote, hypocrisy. That changed in the first playoff victory, when they had six teams in 27 running games in 35 games against the Cowboys. Sure, it was just one game, the biggest one, but Omenihu spoke to his new coaches – he would have been playing more from the field. his new. “

“The old Texas star has been a very comfortable and rewarding runner for the first three seasons in the NFL. 6-6 with 36-inch tentacles attached to his head. “

Omenihu is in the final year of his rookie contract and can earn himself a good salary, as did Arden Key, who played in and around the 49ers in 2021. Key won a one-year contract worth $ 7 million. with the Jaguars following his eight games with the 49ers last year.

Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports named five players who had a break during the contract year. The Houston Texans completed the defense against Charles Omenihu elected for the fifth round in 2019. On November 2, 2021, he was sold to the San Francisco 49ers for the 2023 rounds in the sixth round. Omenihu enters the final year of his rookie contract and is expected to earn $ 2.54 million in the upcoming season before becoming an unlimited sponsor in 2023. Carrying seven bags in his first two seasons, Omenihu did not make it to the end of 2021. 17, batting loss, four quarterback beats, and a defensive pass in 15 games against the Texans and 49ers. Omenihu found 1.5 bags in 34 self-defense pictures at a San Francisco game

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan and quarterback Trey Lance spoke to reporters after their first attempt at the team’s official minicamp. Here is all he said. Notes provided by staff at San Francisco 49ers Communications. Head Coach Kyle Shanahan WR Deebo Samuel, you look forward to coming, as they are here watching what they are doing, is a sign that the relationship is a bit over? “Yeah, I think it’s always been good. I know we’re going through the commercial phase of this league, but I don’t think the relationship was too far away to put it right and I think we’re working. Every time you get away

Steve Young recently chatted with Trey Lance during a San Francisco 49ers game. Younger is a quarterback of Hall of Fame who played 15 seasons in the NFL, two MVP leagues, three-time All-Pro team, seven Pro Bowl selections, and led the 49ers to the Super Bowl tournament. Lance is entering his second NFL season and is hoping to prove his worth in the 49ers’ quarterbacks that came before him, including Young. According to Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group, the negotiations between Young and Lance also included advice, which general manager John Lynch said the 22-year-old quarterback was “welcomed”.

Trey Lance spent most of 2021, his season in the NFL rookie, taking on any experience he had. Kale No. All 3 nominees entered the league with just one season starting in the college team. Last season, he only started two games with the San Francisco 49ers. Now, the hope is that Lance will be the 49ers’ starting quarterback in the future. “He’s QB1, he’s a face-to-face face,” defender Charvarius Ward told reporters Tuesday. “He’s going to show the world this season, I guess.” Lance has its share of skeptics, especially among national media. Many are skeptical of quarterback preparations


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