49ers minicamp, issue of Day 1: Deebo, Bosa, Williams return

The San Francisco 49ers started their accredited camp on Tuesday, with the decision to upgrade their practice a week after scheduled trials from June 13 to 15.

The three-day minicamp will now end Thursday and represents the continuation of Phase 3 of the offseason program, where live exposure is not allowed, but teams can continue to perform 11-on-11s.

Here are the big topics from Tuesday for the 49ers:

1. Deebo Samuel, Nick Bosa, Trent Williams return; Jimmy Garoppolo no

During the OTAs, head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters he expected all three of his stars to return to the official minicamp, including the unhappy Deebo Samuel, who publicly asked to trade before the NFL Draft, via ESPN’s Jeff Darlington.

Shanahan’s words came true when three players went to the minicamp, Bosa and Williams in uniform rehearsing, and Samuel worked individually.

When asked about the team’s relationship with Samuel, Shanahan assured reporters that it had been fine, contrary to reports.

“I think it has always been good,” Shanahan replied. “I mean, I know we go through the commercial phase of this league and so on, but I don’t think the relationship was too far away to go back to normal. And I think we’re doing something. “

However, even though Samuel is in the house, Shanahan does not expect the four-year-old receiver to perform this week, which defender Trey Lance also mentioned.

“I’ll talk to him about it [potentially practicing this week], “Shanahan said.” I don’t think we’re going to be very close, I don’t think that’s wise for the team or him. So it’s not something I trust him to do, but I can see where he is, but I think it will get better too. “

As for Nick Bosa, Shanahan was adamant that the negotiations for the contract did not start between the two sides, although there is a growing possibility that the 49ers voted for Bosa’s fifth election in the 2023 NFL season at the end of the season.

2. WR Danny Gray does not

One week after most fighters struggled with his speed, Danny Gray, who had won the rookie role, sat on Tuesday’s game with a stomach injury that could keep him out for the rest of the week.

“[The hamstring injury is] why did he come out this week, and maybe he will come out next week, “Shanahan said.

While Gray has a particularly dangerous ability for the 49ers, a hamstring injury can be something worth checking to see if he repeats.

However, from now on, it seems that the injury was not serious and that the 49ers are just choosing to be careful with their third choice.

3. DE Dee Ford can be released while waiting for the body

After the final season of Dee Ford’s anticipation and injury, it seems the 49ers have agreed a response that is yet to come.

On Tuesday, Kyle Shanahan told reporters that Dee Ford had arrived at the venue this week for a workout, although he was not allowed to play a minicamp, similar to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

“He’ll come in. He’s been removed from the minicamp,” head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters Tuesday. “I think he’s coming to get his body this weekend. But no, he’s not doing anything with us.”

Shanahan also made progress, stating that he does not expect Ford to become a member in 2022.

“I know we have received excellent treatment from her doctors, to say how well she is in this area,” Shanahan said. “We look at him with our body. I don’t expect him to be in our team. But these are the ones he has. [two] which is possible. “

The passing body could lead to the release of Ford, which could save the 49ers $ 1.12 million by 2022, as well as selected locations.

4. QB Jimmy Garoppolo to exercise?

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo midfielder continued Tuesday as Shanahan expects the former player to join his teammates in the training camp if they remain on the list at the time. “[If] Jimmy has a contract with us, and he is healthy, right now, I can see him coming to practice [during training camp] unless we sell him, ”Shanahan said.

However, Garoppolo is not with the team, as Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network said Garoppolo has been removed from the minicamp by the team as he continues to undergo shoulder surgery.

“All his renovations are in Los Angeles, so for him to stop and come here for a three-day minicamp would not make sense to him or us,” Shanahan said. “Then we want him to stay in his rehab.”

While many expect a 30-year-old quarterback to be moved by the idea, it could be a very interesting story to come to training camps.

5. C Jake Brendel receives credible votes from teammates, coaches

After the retirement of Alex Mack, midfielder Jake Brendel appears to be the favorite since the incumbent, having received numerous accolades from his coaches and teammates.

“Jake made our team last year our reserve and when you do, believe that all the reserve guys have the potential to start,” Shanahan said. “And then when he gets that opportunity, how long will he do it? But we had a lot of confidence in Jake last year to form a team. And if Mack had missed a game or something, we wouldn’t have had it.

The 49ers were unmoved by the departure of Alex Mack. They trust the players they have in their locker room, and they look forward to the battle to prepare for the game.

“We know Mack is retired and lucky, he hopes he won’t,” Shanahan said. “And it came down to free will and we don’t want to do big things and chase things, especially with the player we sit with here who has done a good job and shown us here. We also have guys like that. [OL Daniel] Brunskill who has done it before and I think we have some guys who can do it. With that in mind, we knew Mack had a chance to leave, but you didn’t want to risk it. Just keep some players where you can do this in other roles, especially when you have other guys in the house we believe. And we have to use them diligently in all OTAs, all training time and we will have a very good person so you can see how long they can do it all year round. “

Brendel hooked up with frustrated coach Chris Foerster, and came to San Francisco from the Miami Dolphins, where the two stayed together.

Chris [Foerster] he is the one who brought it [Brendel] for us, “said Shanahan.” Just stay with him in Miami. He was very fond of her then. We put him in, I believe in the year COVID, he had some things he removed, he went until the last minute. We were able to bring him back and last year was our first year with him, yes, Chris talked about him and he has been better than advertising. “

Trey Lance also shared his thoughts on the former military headquarters, adding that Brendel oversees security as a headquarters, and recounting his experiences playing with the second team last season.

“I have to spend a lot of time with Jake,” Lance said. “Obviously, I took all my reps with Jake, and Jimmy [Garoppolo] had Alex [Mack] last year. Obviously, you know [it was] sad [because] I wanted to play with Alex for real, but very happy with Jake. His athletic ability, I think, is one thing that amazes him the most. “

Brendel is in danger of starting in midfield, although Kyle Shanahan has named Daniel Brunskill as a potential replacement for his 2020 midfield experience.

Those who doubt whether the most acclaimed Deebo Samuel would join their San Francisco 49ers teammates at the test site during the official minicamp reception received their response today. The star player was nearby but did not qualify for the first day of a three-day minicamp, which should not be surprising. The Athletic reported that Samuel had been running for some time on the sidelines. Deebo Samuel is involved in a minicamp game but he is not wearing a uniform. Running in the backyard.— Matt Barrows (@mattbarrows) June 7,

The defensive end Nick Bosa and Trent Williams were among the San Francisco 49ers fighters who have not participated in volunteer activities in the past few weeks. However, he was present to start the team’s official three-day camp on Tuesday. Also in attendance was Deebo Samuel who received a lot of money, who wanted to sell him earlier this season. However, Samuel did not qualify and left the stadium after preparing for the team. Below are videos from various parts of the Tuesday practice. Journalists should stop filming once the team finishes

Most receiver Deebo Samuel says he will attend the San Francisco 49ers’ official three-day minicamp this week, which starts on Tuesday. The culmination of a series of planned events was set up this week, with the minicamp planning next week. However, the 49ers changed their plans, pushing the minicamp by week. Source: # 49ers star WR Deebo Samuel is expected to go to the mini camp from today.— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

The San Francisco 49ers are moving their official three-day minicamp, scheduled for June 13-15, until this week. Now it will happen June 7-9. This week is to be the last of the group events, which were scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Now, the team will gather in the arena from Tuesday to Thursday. The offseason plan was announced as early as April 1. Article 22 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement states that clubs may have one mini-player approved for former players. This minicamp is set to take place in the Third Phase of the offseason program. The real question is the Deebo recipient of many


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