49er News: Trey Lance, Drake Jackson exclaims in minicamp

The 49ers’ Juszczyk was impressed with everything he saw from Lance

“I feel like I’ve seen a change in the field, just like they do,” Juszczyk said. “We’ve seen a lot of big games out there. And as a leader, I just feel like you’ve stepped up.”

Albert Breer expects Jimmy Garoppolo’s business negotiations to expand soon

“We want to see Sam Darnold on Ben McAdoo’s mistakes. We want to look at Matt Corral, how he comes back from a simple college course, then we’ll see again when we finish with the offseason program,” Breer said of Panthers’ comments. ‘ Francisco – anything …

Center Jake Brendel: A well-kept secret of 49ers

Brendel’s history, playmaking skills, and knowledge of not only mistakes, but also Trey Lance, make him a great fan of winning mid-career career from now on.

Notes: What DeMeco Ryans and Brian Schneider said at the 49ers minicamp

“San Francisco 49ers security manager DeMeco Ryans and special forces spokesman Brian Schneider spoke to reporters after the exercise on Wednesday during which time the team was approved. Here is all he said.”

49ers minicamp notebook: Bosa, Ebukam complains about rookie Jackson; Fun room but full of D-Line; Ryans on the corners

“Ebukam and Jackson could be found competing in the game this season. Ebukam says Jackson is already giving him a tough competition, which should make all players better over time.

“I’ve seen him run every game, and I’m just like, ‘Man, he’s a runner, he’s great,'” Ebukam said. “She has small legs, so she can walk all day. I see her doing that, I’m like, oh, yeah, I have someone who can force me. Then she’s pushing me. She’ll force others too.”

Cohn: Good and Not Very Good from Day 2 of Minicamp

“[Trey Lance] finished 10th in 15 games and played without Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, Jauan Jennings, Elijah Mitchell, Trent Williams, Daniel Brunskill and Mike McGlinchey. He also threw two long shots – one to the left of Ray Ray McCloud who hit Ambry Thomas (more on him in a minute). The ticket was shaken, but it was correct and the recipient grabbed it, so who cares? Jimmy Garoppolo would never have tried this throw, let alone finished. The second deepest cross was in the middle of the field leading to Jordan Matthews who ran the post. This was another option that Garoppolo would not have completed in a million years. But the distraction was what Garoppolo would have thrown. In the show, Lance was under pressure, forced to pass between KeeSean Johnson, and defender Leon O’Neal Jr. just hit the recipient to the point of grabbing. Deebo Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk would have been the target, going to the end, but they did not try. Through four appearances in front of the press last season, Lance has managed 50 out of 67 passes (74.6 percent), and has dropped 6 touchdown passes and 2 picks. She is ready. The 49ers no longer want Garoppolo. He should be circumcised before exercising. “

Schrager hears 49ers’ Trey Lance did ‘great tricks’ by Year 2

“And in all that we’ve heard from these players, he’s been very good this season. He’s been leading the sessions, and he’s always been and man. ”

Lombardi: The 49ers’ favorite Jake Brendel, who was fond of replacing Alex Mack (paywall)

“The 49ers can also be considered Daniel Brunskill, who started eight games for them in mid-2020, at the training camp. in the middle.

Lombardi: 49ers minicamp: Nick Bosa thanks Drake Jackson, his new booklet (paywall)

“I was confused,” Bosa said. “I thought we had recruited defenders, and I was like, ‘We have a lot of them.’ And then he started showing great points and I was like, ‘Well, I see why we did that.’

Trey Lance receives advice from 49ers senior Steve Young ‘with both hands’

“Lance continued to communicate with Young through group activities. In addition, the two exchanged phone numbers. Through this continuous communication, Young feels that he understands Lance’s strengths and what he still needs to fix.”

Branches: 49ers’ Nick Bosa awaits’ notification ‘of agreement (paywall)

“I don’t know,” Bosa said. “I’m just thinking about recovery. I let my agent complain about it. “

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