42 Things Tom Tomady Will Say 100% As Fox Sports Expert

If you missed yesterday, Fox Sports signed Tom Brady for a $ 375 million deal – more than he earns in all his games – to become a commentator on the NFL game when it comes out, oh, let’s call it 2047. Why did Fox choose to pay Brady this much money it is not difficult to identify. He is the most famous footballer in history, and Fox wants to become a prominent member of the team. inner popularity and because Joe Buck and Troy Aikman have left the network to start selling their products on ESPN.

Unlike Tony Romo, Brady will not be a spectator in the camp. Or technically. Or happy. Or even life, really. What he WILL be and care about his non-judgment, which is what we all like from a paid person to show us the game. Tom Brady is an ignorant man, who constantly draws inspiration from lobotomized. She can’t even make kissing her own baby with her mouth forced. When he takes on the role of Fox booth alongside Kevin Burkhardt, he has shown that he has no comment as Joe Montana (Montana joined NBC as a studio and became a Chevy Chase-esque 9. weeks before leaving).

I still believe, to my dismay, that there is an interesting person somewhere inside Brady. But if such a person is really inside his Plasticine melon, he will not let it out, no matter how much he is paid. It is not worth the time, and they believe that you, young people, are better off being stupid.

So, with that in mind, let me plan ahead for Brady’s ascent to the boys’ place of mapping, in real terms, 42 things he will say in the air. Let’s get started.

– (Reading on descriptive card) “I am okondwa of this one. ”

– “Gisele and the boys are at home playing in our water park, but let me tell you: There is no place I would rather be right now than in Green Bay on a Sunday afternoon in October.”

– “What most people don’t know about Roger Goodell is that he’s a funny person.”

– “Oh.”

– “You hate to say that repayment was less, or, Ine I hate to say it. ”…

– “The recipient drove the wrong route.”

– “You can’t put it on the quarterback, Kevin.”

– “Passport security did not exist.”

– “Yes, it was a horrible blow. But I also think that the stabilization is what caused Lamar Jackson’s injury.”

– “proudly proudly a head of Colts Russell Wilson Clason Claims of Terms of Hypilersic. It’s a problem that does not affect NFL players, but all of us.”

– “For me, there has been a lot of neglect of the backfield. You won’t win titles unless you have a James White player there.”

– (See a lovely drink Bud Light Straw-Ber-Rita) “Not the taste I would have chosen there.”

– “I know Gronk loves that taste.”

– “That’s what we call throwing big time.”

– “I love playing golf, Kevin, not in January!”

– “You know, I met Sean McVay once, and this is a very good story. We went out for dinner one night at the Capo in Santa Monica, and he ordered a crab cake. . ‘ Ine no he expected to hear that from her. ”

– “Zaydyn Corpp must be very patient for the game to move forward.”

– “Gisele and I do not celebrate holidays in our home. If you work hard to make each day special, you don’t really have to. ”

– (After the promotion of “911: Fairbanks”) “Oh, I do not like its very cold.”

– “The clock may start to become important here soon.”

– (After 5 minutes) “There is still time left.”

– “My father always asks me, ‘Tom, what business is this NFT business for? Is it part of the NF-L? ‘ And I tell him no, NFTs are something else, and they are important not only financially, but also in the best possible way. “

– “Such an opportunity to have dinner with Mr. Kraft and his 18-year-old friend last night at their home.”

– “They can go here, Kevin, but they don’t to be to. ”

– “I have known teacher Belichick for a long time, and he always said to me, ‘That boy is a weapon.’

– ‘The Tuck Rule? … (Bright chortle)… Yeah, I might know a little bit about that. ”

– (After a disturbing cell phone call) “An interesting decision by the authorities not to mention that.”

– (Silence after shooting Donald Trump in the top box in a Bucs game)

– (After announcing the NASCAR competition) “Love my NASCAR!”

– “Everyone wants to sing Mike Vrabel because of the way his watch works, but he told us at our meeting this week, ‘Tom, I will always do what is best for my players.’ I think you should respect that. ”

– “You know, I grew up loving Niners, and there’s nothing like that.”

– “The Lion should start the sixth game in defense today, but I can only think of another sixth player who did well on his own.”

– “I’m glad the Texans decided to give Adam Gase another shot. Just a man you know football. ”

– “This is where hydration comes into play.”

– “Absolutely in the NFL’s efforts to promote justice, Kevin.”

– “I think the players should celebrate after playing well, but …”

– (Shoot Peyton Manning in the background) “Oh, hey, I still have nightmares about meeting that person!” (This is false)

– “Do you listen to the podcast, Kevin? Obviously there are more now. ”

“What I love most about John Elway is that he cares about everyone in the house.”

– “Loving to be in boats. Who doesn’t? ”

– “I’ve always had a relationship of love / hate and repetition. You may not like phones that criticize you, but you should love them if they don’t.

– “I have a lot of guns and I will not hesitate to use them.”

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