4 year old shot dead in Rio shooting – 02/06/2022 – Daily life

A four-year-old girl was shot in the head in a shootout between police and criminals in Takuara Para, west of Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday afternoon. He was with his mother and left day care when he was hit while stopping to buy some popcorn.

“He picked up the girl in day care, stopped to buy popcorn, and when he saw the girl was all bloody,” said the mother, who did not want to be named to protect the child’s identity.

The girl was taken to Taquara Emergency Care Unit, south of Rio, and then to Miguel Kuto Hospital. In the unit, he underwent head surgery and his condition was serious, according to the municipal health department.

Civil police said they went to the neighborhood after receiving reports of extortion and were reportedly shot by criminals. During the raid, police officers arrested one and seized a pistol and a stolen car.

According to the corporation, agents investigated the scene and listened to witnesses. Security camera footage is also being analyzed to see where the bullets came from.

The girl’s grandmother said the whole family was devastated. “But we have a lot of faith and we are building a prayer chain. She is a beautiful girl. She is my princess. Besides being happy and moving forward, she is a good girl. God is in control,” said Grandma.

The baby’s uncle was returning from work at 5:34 p.m., when he was informed that his niece had been shot. More than an hour later, he arrived at the scene where the baby was shot.

“I ran home. It’s time to get on my motorcycle and run there. When I arrived, there were three civilian police cars and a military police car,” said the uncle, who had not yet had time to go to his niece. At the hospital.

He says the family has gone through the first violence in the area where he lives. On Thursday night (2), neighbors and family members gathered in Lincoln Square on the west side of Largo da Praguiser to create a wheel of prayer for the child’s life. Until this Thursday night, the girl’s father, mother and grandmother were in the hospital where she was admitted to the hospital.

The girl who was shot in Greater Rio this year was the fourth child, according to Fogo Cruzado RJ, an organization that produces data on armed violence in the Rio metropolitan area. Everyone was hit by a stray bullet and one of them died.

The deceased was a 7-year-old boy. He was shot dead in January during a gunfight between military police and drug traffickers at one of the entrances to the Marro da Tore in Quimados, Bixada Fluminense. The baby was in the backyard.

Joao Carlos Arruda Ferreira, a 16-year-old teenager, was among 23 people killed in a police raid on Villa Cruzeiro on May 24.

According to the family, the student was a shy, quiet young man with no involvement in drug trafficking, which is in conflict with the military police version.

In a note, the prime minister said that civil police were investigating all aspects of the operation in Villa Cruzeiro. In addition, the corporation states that the Department of Internal Affairs monitors and fully cooperates in all procedures.

In October last year, a one-year-old six-month-old boy was shot in the abdomen during a haircut in Mesquita, Bixda Fluminense. He was taken to Nova Iguaku General Hospital in Bixda in critical condition, but could not recover from his injuries.

“Brazil has no future unless childhood is given priority,” said Cecilia Oliveira, executive director of the Fogo Cruzado Institute. “These children are the citizens of the future and we are raising adults with physical and mental problems because of the manifestations of this violence. That’s when they survive,” the expert said.

“It’s not normal, it’s not an isolated incident and it’s not an exception. Every month, one of our children is shot. A safety plan.

“To avoid such actions, the Rio de Janeiro government must plan its actions, set goals and objectives, as is done with any public policy.”


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