4 hero books to teach kids important values

Superheroes are personalities who have been with us since childhood. But in many mysterious powers, such as the power of flight, great power, or teleport, there are many important messages left in the line. So, book distributor Diesel draws attention to this teaching, presenting 4 titles from Marvel Universe that can give great lessons to children. Check out!

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Core Value Heroes teaches kids

A study conducted by Mattel do Brasil, a toy factory in partnership with the GFK Indicators Institute, found that superheroes not only affect children’s daily lives, but are also essential for personality formation. According to research, in this first relationship between the child and the character, they understand some values ​​such as principle, courage and humility.

Also, it is important to remember that the image that will be presented to the little ones will serve as inspiration for them. So, it is Heroes They are also responsible for showing a little more maturity through decision making, defining what is right and wrong, when solving problems for people or the city as a whole.

1. Captain Marvel: Higher, faster, faster (Liza Palmer)

The book tells the story of Carol Danvers, a US Air Force rookie who will be tested in every possible way in her first year of flight school. At the gym, he has to fight his hateful nature and follow the imposed orders if he wants to stand in a place that is still a “men’s club” in the 1980s. Enough.

First, the Air Force cannot bet that it can, and imposes a strict timetable created by claimant officers, which must be complied with if it wants to maintain the possibility of joining the elite flying Falcon program, which has never happened. A woman of his rank.

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Two Black Widow – Behind the Scenes (Culture)

Since her first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, spy Natasha Romanoff has tried to make peace with the past, but now that past is on her feet. In the movie Black Widow, he reconnects with his family, reveals old secrets and encounters a deadly new enemy.

To help the reader delve deeper into the history of this superheroine, Kalcharama has created this book, which travels behind the scenes. Dramatic action movie, Introducing the cast and crew who told the story of Black Widow. Also, the publication offers full text on photographs and exclusive interviews, including the concept art and an unpublished comic book.

Children's books
Hero books contribute to the development of children

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3. Iron Man – The Gauntlet (Ian Calfer)

Tony Stark is known around the world in many ways: corporate mogul, billionaire, inventor, genius, but most of all, he is famous for being the superhero, the invincible Iron Man in red and gold armor.

What Tony’s fans don’t know is that an incident in his childhood left him with a toy with a weapon designed to maintain peace and order. They don’t realize how much pain he’s hiding under the bright exterior of his armor. But the show has to go. People always expect strength, sarcasm and exaggeration from him and he will not disappoint them.

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4. Black Panther: The Young Prince (Ronald L. Smith)

Her destiny is to become a Black Panther, but for now, she’s just T’Challa, a 12-year-old prince living in her hometown of Wakanda, an isolated African country with state-of-the-art technology. When he is not learning the art of governing the state from his father, or testing his latest technological invention, he goes out to break the rules with his best friend M’Baku.

However, when the conflict began to form with Wakanda, his father made a surprising announcement: he would send T’Challa and M’Baku to study. United States. But the educational institution they are enrolled in is not a prestigious private school, but a typical elementary school in central Chicago.

Although given a tech suit and vibranium ring for use only in emergencies, T’Challa realizes he may not be as well-dressed as he thought he would manage his life in the United States.

*By Giulia Marini

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