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When her son was just 2 years old, manicurist Juliana da Silva Serquera, 27, had a huge panic. Little Joao also burned 27% of his body Domestic accidents, At his home in Taboão da Serra (SP).

In an interview with CRESCER, Juliana stated that her son was with her aunt at the time of the incident. “My sister put a candle, unprotected, on top of a television. Breastfeeding The girl fell into another room and then fell asleep. He just woke up to the smell of smoke and fire, “said the manicurist.

Joao with his mother (Photo: Personal Archive)

According to the mother, there was no plate under the candle and then it burned the TV and then the shoe rack. Her younger son and sister Jemili, 6, and Jasmine, 4, were in the room. A good part of the girls’ bodies were burned: “The children were in bed, sleeping. They couldn’t get out because they were unconscious”, Juliana recalls. After the fire, Joao was hospitalized for six months in a coma and with multiple injuries to his body. There were more burns on the face, chest, legs and right hand. “The doctors said he would not survive because of the severity of the burn. Or, if he did survive, he would be vegetarian because they thought his brain was affected,” said the mother. Fortunately, the little one is now 7 years old and doing well.

During treatment, the boy underwent physical therapy, speech therapy, psychiatric care, and a team of burn specialist specialists in addition to a tracheostomy to help with breathing.

Domestic accidents

Domestic accidents, including burns, are, unfortunately, a disturbing reality in Brazil. * In the country, it is estimated that about 1 million people are burned and injured in accidents every year. According to the Ministry of Health, 77% of cases occur at home and 40% with children under 10. Over the past decade, more than 3,000 children between the ages of 0 and 14 have died in burn injuries and about 221,000 have been hospitalized.

Today is Monday (8) National Burning Day. The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery has highlighted this Monday (6), with orange, Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, the Medical Association of Minas Gerais, in Belo Horizonte Medicine, in order to raise awareness and protect the population against burn accidents. Palacio dos Bandeiras and Fisp Cultural Center in Brasilia, Brasilia, Sao Paulo. The campaign is a tribute to June Orange, the month of accident prevention, including burns.

“Given the high number of burn-related accidents, mainly in the domestic environment and with children, the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery considers it important to support Junho Laranza and disseminate information to prevent these accidents, which can often be avoided. With a simple attitude.” Lydia Masako Ferreira, President of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, is a Plastic Surgeon and Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Federal University of Sওo Paulo.

* Number of incidents in Brazil

40.7% of cases occurred with men

67.7% of accidents occur in the home environment

52% of burns are caused by the use of hot substances

92% of domestic accidents involve children and adolescents aged 0 to 15 years

Beware of burns!

According to the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, burns are any injuries caused by heat or cold, chemicals, electrical currents, radiation, or even direct contact with certain animals and plants (such as larvae, jellyfish, nettles). Among others. Others, therefore, have a source of thermal, electrical or chemical factors.

Burns can be divided into three degrees according to the severity of the injury. The 1st degree reaches the surface of the skin, the 2nd extends deep into the skin and the 3rd degree crosses the skin barrier and can cause damage to muscles, tendons, limbs and even bones.

The entity warns that any burn larger than 1 cm² or larger than the size of the nail should always be evaluated by a specialist for further instructions, or if the wound does not heal within 21 days, should be evaluated by a doctor, should always be avoided. Self-medication that often prevents wound healing.

According to Flavio Novas, a plastic surgeon specializing in burns and a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, the home environment is a good place for burns, especially in the kitchen. “The baby should not be neglected in the kitchen,” the expert stressed. “There are only 10 different ways to burn a baby in the oven. We can highlight the most common cases such as the handle sticking out of the pan,” the doctor explained.

In addition, the plastic surgeon warns that it is important not to use liquid alcohol to light a barbecue, as children can go near the place and eventually burn themselves. In the vicinity of Festus Juninas, the doctor also takes care of the children near the bonfire or in a place where no fireworks are left.

What to do if burnt

– Wash the area with running water at room temperature

– Protect damaged skin by covering with gauze

– Remove rings, bracelets, watches and accessories if you have burns on your hands or arms

– Go to the nearest hospital or health center

– If removal is not possible, call SAMU (192) or the Fire Department (193)

Guidelines to avoid accidents

Always cover the electrical wire and cover the socket;

Avoid long curtains or rugs over electrical wires;

Do not leave the iron on the irrational;

Children should be outside the kitchen when preparing food;

Choose to use rear oven diffusers and place the pan handles on the back and inside the oven;

Be careful not to carry babies in your lap when handling pans or handling hot liquids;

Keep matches, candles, alcohol and other combustible products out of the reach of children.

In particular, bottles of alcohol should be kept in a hard-to-reach place;

Never pour wine on flames or grapes;

Avoid using fireworks. Do not place children near fireplaces, campfires or encourage them to play with balloons.

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* Data provided by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery


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