2,046 children waiting for space at the day care center; The secretary said parents have responsibilities

Rio Preto’s education secretary, Fabiana Jankueta, says there is currently a shortage of 2,046 children in the municipal school system due to requests from parents or guardians to enroll their children in the specific school of their choice where there is no space. In kindergartens

This kind of “responsibility” was called for by parents and guardians during a meeting at the City Council’s Education Commission on Tuesday, March 3, after Councilor Joao Paolo Rilo (Psol) left the hall to take over the meeting. Request to call the Secretariat to attend a general session.

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The program includes vacancies in day-care centers, school transportation, some classroom disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, for example, the absence of professional accompaniment for students.

Fabiana Janqueta told councilors attending the meeting that 2,046 children in the system are waiting for space in daycare centers, but she called it a “public demand” when parents would want to define space and school. Where the child should study. , Which, according to him, creates problems for the folder.

“Today we have about 2,500 vacancies in our network. Why do we have vacancies and still people without vacancies? Because there is an obvious demand. Parents or legal representatives want a specific day care center or situation. “I have parents who want a place in a certain school,” Janqueta explained.

According to him, a Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) was signed in the case of the municipal day care center. He says the purpose is to offer the vacancy closest to the father’s request.

“If by chance the place is found more than 1 km away from the residence, we have a device that will offer a pass to pick up the child. We have a lot of faults and he lost his place and we give it to those who really need it, ”he said.

The Secretary also recalled the criteria for defining vacancies for children. Priority is the proximity of residence and not the place of work. “Criteria of proximity to home and proximity to accommodation is a priority. We have some laws, among them, referral of a woman victim of violence that is a priority, and the first, according to federal law and close to the place of residence, but nothing prohibits the request for relocation, “said Jankueta.

Councilman Joao Paolo Rillo said the law enables the city to enroll students and provide safe transportation for parents. “How many children are out of day care because they can’t get close to their homes and work. It always was. There is no point in telling a mother in Santo Antonio that there is a vacancy in your Villa Toninho. People have the right to day care or safe transportation near their homes, ”said the councilor.

Another topic addressed during the meeting was the case of a mother who was given the right by a public prosecutor’s office to have a professional specialist monitor her child with autism spectrum disorder. The Department of Education has 30 days to make a professional offer. Councilman Renato Pupo (PSDB), chairman of the chamber’s education commission, cites other examples of parents who complain of harm to their children’s school development because there is no professional follow-up in their area.

“To this day, as far as I know, education does not provide professionals for children who need special attention. The secretary explained to me that we have one support professional for every five children who go around the classroom to provide support, ”he said.

The secretary recalled that the municipality has a so-called Person Development Program (PDI) which sets standards and how children should be approached for educational development in the classroom. However, he said the reality is that the reality of more than 40,000 students in the municipal network is different and the education portfolio approach needs to be improved.

“School is not a therapeutic place. The law on special education relates to persons with disabilities and those with higher abilities. ADHD does not enter into a political issue, including it should be met with a federal proposal to include these disorders more broadly in the classroom. We do complementary activities, but the problem is much wider. “

Fabiana Zanquetta has assured that a technician in the education portfolio is finalizing a resolution to expand municipal PDI to include students from the school system.

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