2022 NBA Finals: How Derrick White, the Game 1 champion, made the Celtics the most complete team in the league.

Before the Boston Celtics sold Derrick White in February, they had already begun to change their seasons. You may have heard the story: It was 18-21 after shooting at Madison Square Garden in early January, then went 33-10 all the way, criticizing their new coach and doubting about their two stars. sounds very silly.

But when they got White, yet, they stayed and the Celtics. He became a team that was able to block opponents even though the Best Defender of the Year was not on the court. They became a group that was able to form lines without weak links in defense and to be more numerous than the size of their sections brutally. The White Trade led Boston to finish.

For a few months, the band reminded me of the 2019 Toronto Raptors, who started five All-Defense Forces and were talented but took the time to combine the gifts of their superstar to be fully integrated. If the Celtics were Raptors, then White would be Marc Gasol, even though he is seven years younger than Gasol and plays in various positions. Gasol then added the trading time that took the team to the top, and although he was not the best player on the ground, he was a person who connected with everyone.

To add to this analogy: When Gasol, a reluctant but more than 3-point shooter, fired shots from the outside, as he had done several times in the game, it could have been frustrating for the opponent. Every team Toronto encountered in the playoffs calculated they had lost 3s or missed out. Fifteen games in the Boston playoff game, White shot 10-48 (20.8 percent) from behind the 3-point line, most of them open and clear. In a number of press conferences, coach Ime Udoka emphasized that White supports in a positive way whether his jumper falls or not, that all Celtics understand how they start their football, increase their tempo, make good decisions and influence the game in defense. .

Udoka was right there. White does not missing A good shot to help Boston win the game. But it certainly does not hurt when it does. In White’s last three games, he shot 11 out of 18 from three divisions, plus 5-for-8 in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

“Obviously you have to choose where to send the interest,” said Stephen Curry after his Golden State Warriors team lost 120-108 on their home ground. Curry praised the Celtics’ Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum for their performance, then selected White and Al Horford for the shot. “These two guys are important. You expect them not to be so hot, and you have to take action, and we have to assume that watching a movie tomorrow is Saturday.”

White is the recipient and facilitator of Boston’s adventures. Just call him a link and sell him briefly; they can cause offenses in court, create simple baskets during breaks, correct wounds and, as the Warriors know, take advantage of the opportunity to find and shoot. He transformed the Celtics, however, by making a clear, simple play, often after one star made the first domino fall, making sure Udoka did not try to disrupt the bottom end of the other. The final leg distinguishes Boston from every team they met on their way to the Finals, and possibly Golden State, too.

“He got in as soon as he got to Boston and it was almost like that,” Brown said. “Then we are privileged to be with him.”

“Derrick is a very smart player, he can be anywhere,” Tatum said. “I’m glad we found it.”

On Thursday, White tested his first three-point test. The Warriors predicted he would not be chased to the line when the ball found him on the ground. With the exception of its final design, the subtle bomb, the Curry end, were all in pure form.

“I missed my first two, but they felt good so I remained confident,” White said. “My teammates and coaches have always told me to be confident, it’s good to see that [first] one went down, and he also rolled a scroll from there. ”

White finished with 21 points and three assistants and climbed the +25 game in 32 minutes.

“He’s a player who can raise his level at any time,” Brown said. “And I already know when I play with him [Team] USA but learned a lot from him in the USA. He’s just a football player. “Some people just stand there for a while and then just report the scouting and they can just jump up and down.”

Before hitting anyone in his three-year-old, he smashed the Golden State float with a float and set Horford to a slight jump, two games that would not make a show of form:

In self-defense, he spent most of his night chasing Curry and Jordan Poole. At one standpoint, based on the effort White made, he confronted Curry off the ball, was sent off for a while, ran around the cover, caused Curry to put the ball down, kicked him in the back and smashed the glass:

Putting White on Curry allowed the Celtics to place Marcus Smart on Draymond Green while they were all in court, removing the Curry-Green pick-and-roll from the table. Things were going well without Smart in the fourth quarter, however, that Udoka did not set DPOY again until the 3:47 mark. Boston ran very fast and held the Warriors to 13 points in the final frame before 3 pointless in the trash period.

After making a third from the back of the arc, White connected Poole to the false pope, then ran his foundation, lifted Andrew Wiggins up and threw several free shots:

He made 3 Brown Corners (help!), 3 Horizon’s top-break (hockey support!) And 3 opener Payton Pritchard (can be hockey help!)

The Celtics made drastic changes as the game progressed, which, combined with their electronic shootings, made it difficult for Golden State to find a form moving in the fourth quarter. Up with six down, White stood against Wiggins as the clock ticked down. Wiggins danced with the ball, but instead of trying to shoot White, they thought the Warriors had done well with Green taking 3. When he nailed to the edge, White pulled out a tall tall Wiggins and could have pulled over – the worst in the back:

Those little battles between Wiggins and White did not appear at the time, but it was because White won. Some groups are reluctant to take turns, fearing that the protesters will find the wrongs late and punish the guards on board. Boston has changed more than any other team in the league in the regular season because his experience depends on everyone being able to handle it on their own.

Udoka called it “beneficial” to see players like White and Horford go up while Tatum fired hard, adding that the Celtics are proud to have not relied on a single man in frustration. The way Horford talked about the confidence he has in White and how much he loves his power, it seems he finds a special pleasure in seeing him go this hot road.

If Boston wins three more games, White will be joined by Gasol, Rasheed Wallace and Clyde Drexler in a short list of best-selling mid-NBA midfielders, if they have not already done so. Asked exactly what White brought to the table in the fourth quarter of Game 1, Udoka said, “A little bit of everything.”

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