2022 Miami Grand Prix Report and highlights: Verstappen wins Miami Grand Prix to open Leclerc after a late car safety match

Max Verstappen won the first race in the Miami Grand Prix, becoming the frontrunner for Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc at the start of the race, and defending in a thrilling late-night battle.

Red Bull’s reigning rival moved P2 from Carlos Sainz to Turn 1 for the first time, and soon began to close out Leclerc. The Ferrari driver lost control of his opponent on the highway at the start of Lap 9 of 57 and descended from the mediums to the turbulence on Lap 24, prompting Verstappen to take action and halt two times later. It looks like Verstappen is on a successful journey ahead of the Marina of Miami Gardens…

This continued until the warning of Lap 41, a VSC turn-car that started with an altercation between Pierre Gasly and Lando Norris, which sent the McLaren driver to shake when the right rear tire burst. Perez took the opportunity to create new mediums from P4, which came out there, with Verstappen, Leclerc and Sainz wearing sturdy shoes.

The resurgence of Lap 47 saw Verstappen lead but struggle to make a difference in Leclerc. It was equally difficult for Sainz, who was hunted by midfielder Sergio Perez to get to the final.

Perez tried to overtake Sainz on Lap 52 but was blocked, with all drivers avoiding contact, while Leclerc was down half a second behind Verstappen chasing the lead. But Perez or Leclerc could not move forward, and the victory – as small as it was at Ferraris – could be for Verstappen.


Red Bull Competition
1: 34: 24,258


+ 3,786s


+ 8,229s


Red Bull Competition
+ 10,638s


+ 18,582s


The top five finishers were George Russell, who started 11th with a VSC tally, using the advantage of new tires to overtake teammate Lewis Hamilton on Lap 54. Hamilton complained he could not bend over at VSC but was promoted. to P6 while Valtteri Bottas went to Turn 17 on Lap 49.

The Alfa Romeo driver seemed to want the P5 from then on, but his late mistake left him seventh. The Alpines were next, Esteban Ocon finished eighth from Fernando Alonso in the ninth – the latter was fined five seconds for a connection with Gasly.

Alex Albon finished the top 10 despite running very low, driver Williams beating Daniel Ricciardo to the end.

2022 Miami Grand Prix: Greater connection with Vettel destroys Schumacher’s original F1 points

Kevin Magnussen late after meeting Lance Stroll (P12 starting in the pits), as well as Sebastian Vettel – who started in the pits and was knocked out of the race by Mick Schumacher (P15).

Gasly did not finish the race when he met Norris (DNF), while Zhou Guanyu was the first to retire, after being pulled into the pits on Lap 7.

Despite starting in the front row, Ferrari could not turn their chances of winning the Miami Grand Prix – with Max Verstappen now winning twice in a row.

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Shaky palm trees, A-list of celebrities, the largest Marina on this side of Dade County – the Miami Grand Prix week always has to be a showcase. Now it was time for the lights to be turned off in Sunshine State.

Ferrari painted the red line thanks to Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, and two lines for the Red Bulls – Max Verstappen ahead of Sergio Perez – while Valtteri Bottas of Alfa Romeo shared the third line with former Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Aston Martin faced the challenge of oil overheating before the race, with both Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel on the road to avoid punishment from the FIA ​​- with Esteban Ocon starting behind Alpine after falling in FP2.

Horrible clouds are coming, concrete walls are closing, 18 drivers are standing in line at the grid. In the middle of the cold heat, four drivers (Stroll, Vettel, George Russell and Ocon) started on solid metal, while the other 16 started on mediums.

Initially, Leclerc had a dangerous start as Sainz lost Verstappen to Turn 1, Hamilton fell eighth after a Turn 1 shutout and Fernando Alonso jumped from 11th to 7th – a little connected with Hamilton this time around.

Leclerc took the lead for the first time while Verstappen fired for the second time

With Leclerc leading, Verstappen was just over a second behind, with Hamilton – now complaining of damage after a Lap 1 bomb from Alonso – a hurricane over the Alpine P7 driver in a race to Turn 11 on Lap 3. On Lap 6 , removed P6 from Gasly and the seven-year-old champion returned to his starting point.

Lap 8 saw Verstappen arrive safely in the DRS, on Leclerc’s tail, and the Dutchman passed in front of Lap 9. Leclerc prepared for his opposition, leading the Red Bull all the time. – but the ruler was now in charge.

Ferrari began to struggle. Lap 13 saw Leclerc suffer a shutout in the Turn 17, his decline now in the 2.5s to Verstappen, while Perez was closing in on Sainz at P3.

Mercedes, meanwhile, was on the move, with Hamilton opening the gap for Pierre Gasly in the back (Frenchman holding Alonso for P7) as Russell’s solid tires began to play and passed Ricciardo on Lap 14. In an attempt to slow down Gasly, Alonso sat in one line behind him but his stand continued. five seconds, and came out 13th.

Lando Norris picked up a hole soon, David Beckham looking for a 3.6-second suspension, with the McLaren driver coming 12th but falling for Aston Martins all over the Lap 19. Two feet later, he went to Sector 3 to produce a short yellow. flag. Earlier, Russell was now ranked No. 7, behind Hamilton.


Russell was richly rewarded for staying away from solid tires

Returning to the battle for the podium, Perez was on the radio to announce that “his engine is gone”, his pit wall trying to reassure Mexicans when he complained about the loss of power over long distances. The problem census was faulty and Perez was back – but he had lost a long time (with the power of the starting engine) to advance Sainz.

Hamilton was brought into the pits on Lap 23, standing smoothly – ahead of Ricciardo of McLaren who had never been – and giving the other 10 tops to respond.

Leclerc was close to the hole, switching hard to take 3.2 seconds, when he came out in P4 on Lap 25. This prompted Verstappen to take action at the end of the next eagle and re-emerge in front of team Perez, leaving Sainz to lead the line. the Spaniard suspended solid drugs – along with Perez – at the start of Lap 27.

Sainz’s stand still took 5.4 seconds, Perez stood with a 3.1 second stop, to resume the P3 battle.

Then, on Lap 41, Gasly – who had already been hit in the last corner by Alonso – went to Turn 8, reconnected, argued with Norris, ripped off McLaren’s right tire and sent her for a spin. A Safe Vehicle was called, and soon got into a security vehicle.

2022 Miami Grand Prix: Norris falls in Gasly

Russell took that moment to take action for the first time, descending from the fifth to the seventh, and Perez swapped again with a few others in anticipation of taking over the reins. Hamilton was asked if he wanted to follow – but decided to stay out and try to defend his P6 position.

The resurgence of Lap 47 will see Verstappen lead Leclerc and Sainz (the top three in the league). Then we had Perez in the middle, the Bottas, then Hamilton and Russell in the top seven. Alonso – now with a five-second penalty against Gasly – led Schumacher and Ocon back to top 10.

Up and down the grid, the chase came back.

Perez was right on the tail of Sainz, the Spanish runner-up in the Lap 48, giving the Mexican a run to the finish line. However, the Red Bull driver moved to Lap 52, locked up, causing Sainz to slip away to avoid. Sanz swept the P3 and finished the podium.


Perez was back on the hunt for P3 due to the late Safety Car resume, but was unable to follow the podium.

Meanwhile, ahead, Leclerc closed the gap to half a second but Verstappen persevered – going into the second consecutive victory this season with 3.786s.

Russell and Hamilton had their duel on the resume. The middle tires helped Russell get close to Hamilton on Lap 49, and, with Bottas heading to Turn 17, all of Mercedes’s shutters were completely wiped out. Russell overtook Hamilton on Turn 11 but was forced to reclaim the title after leaving the post. He also took the P5 a few times later, leaving Hamilton to regret it on the radio.

Bottas’ late error made him seventh, ahead of the soft Ocon. The Frenchman started in the back but made 12 appearances with Lap 37, selected in the P8 and ahead of Alonso, as the Spanish pilot was given a five-second penalty for contacting Gasly in the past.

So Alonso finished ninth, with Alex Albon passing the top 10. The Thai driver raced hard to finish but bounced back to 12 on solid tires, and took the final point in Restarting the Safe Car.


Albon ran fast to the end but took the last point and switched too late to soft – and the turbulence slowed down …

Ricciardo struggled with pressure on the Lap 30 and due to the soft delay of the resumption of the Safety Car, but could not count, finishing 11th ahead of the Stroll – at the start of the hole relegated to P13 due to a late hit by Magnussen.

AlphaTauri’s Yuki Ts wonder went down from 10th over the top half of the track to 13th, after finishing the softball contest – a game that did not win her a prize. This left Williams Latifi driver in P14.

Although he first battled Tsotaka for the top 10 and teammate Magnussen, Schumacher was shortlisted for P15 due to a late encounter with the troubled Vettel, whose rivalry began and ended in pits.

Gasly did not finish the race after meeting Norris, and Zhou Guanyu was the first of five drivers not to see the flag, as Alfa Romeo dragged him into the pits with a mechanical problem on Lap 7.

Podium saw the top three celebrate in front of the legend of Miami Dolphins Dan Marino – and his statue. On Sunday, it was Verstappen who ran all nine yards in search of his second consecutive victory, as well as his first Miami Grand Prix victory in history.


Willy T Ribbs did the interview after a race in Miami

Key words

“It was an amazing Grand Prix – and a physical one, but I think we had a great time until the end,” said winner Max Verstappen.

“I think I will continue to compete,” he said after being asked by Willy T Ribbs if he was fit to enter the boxing ring, “but I really appreciate boxing. It was like that out there … yes, very happy to win here in Miami, it was Sunday wonderful to us. “

What’s next?

The competition continues in Catalunya with the Spanish Grand Prix on May 20-22, Red Bull now with just six points behind Ferrari – with Verstappen 19 points behind Leclerc …

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