19 children and teachers shot dead in US schools The world

A shooting at an elementary school in Texas, USA. 19 children and a teacher died And another adult Today, Tuesday (24), the US authorities said this information.

At a news conference, Governor Greg Abbott initially said 14 children had died.

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Texan Senator Roland Guterres later said in an interview with American TV that four more children had been killed in the attack. The number is coming to 18. In addition, he said that The total number of dead adults has reached three. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Finally, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety said late Tuesday that the total number of children killed was 19. Two other adults were also killed.

The incident was recorded at Rob Primary School in Uvalade, 130 kilometers from San Antonio. The case is already considered the deadliest in the United States since the 2012 Sandy Hook High School massacre in Connecticut, which killed 26 people – 20 children aged 6 to 7 and six adults.

A child cries with an adult after a school shooting in Texas on May 24, 2022 – Photo: Reuters

It is learned that the slain children are in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of high school.. The school, an “elementary school”, accepts students between the ages of 5 and 10. Authorities identified the perpetrator as 18-year-old Salvador Roma.

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The motive for the attack was not immediately clear in the report. According to the American Press, the killer shot his own grandmother before going to school.

Women cry after a school attack in Texas on May 24, 2022 – Photo: Reuters

In addition to death The students were admitted to a hospital in the area With the injured and the city’s blood bank ordered a grant. A child and a 62-year-old woman have to be transferred to a trauma specialist health center in a nearby town.

Map shows location of Uvalde, Texas – Photo: g1 Mundo

Early on, around noon, Uvalade police responded to a call at Rob Primary School.

They cordoned off the area and told the parents of the students to wait for the release of the students and arrange delivery at a safe place.

In the United States, the school year ends in June, when summer vacation begins, and Rob is in the final week of elementary class.

Children board a school bus as police officers guard a suspicious shooting scene near Rob Elementary School in Uvalade, Texas, USA, May 24, 2022 – Photo: REUTERS / Marco Belo

A child among police after a shooting at an elementary school in Texas, USA on May 24, 2022 – Photo: REUTERS / Marco Belo

Mass shootings have become more common in the United States The number of such cases has increased In the last years.

In 2021, 34 schools were attacked, the highest number recorded since 1999 – when the historic series began – according to a survey by the newspaper “The Washington Post”.

There is no official balance sheet from the US government that records the number of gun attacks on schools across the country.

Texas Elementary School Shooting – Photo: REUTERS / Marco Belo

US President Joe Biden said in a statement that the time has come to “work now” against the lobbying of gun companies in the country.

“As a nation, we have to ask ourselves, ‘When will we oppose the gun lobby?’ “It’s time to act.”

Biden was speaking in Washington on Tuesday after at least 21 people were killed in Texas. – Photo: Reuters / Kevin Lamarck

Since taking office, Joe Biden has advocated against gun sales and called for greater federal control over the issue.

Two weeks ago, a gunman killed 10 people and injured 3 others at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

Last year, Biden even proposed restricting access, but The issue is quite polarized in the country And the right to bear arms is enshrined in the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

Whenever the state tries to control access to such equipment, lobby groups go to court to overturn the decision.

Woman cries on phone after school attack in Texas on May 24, 2022 – Photo: Reuters

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