10 facts about ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’

Launched in 1984, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom The darkest film in the story of the most famous adventurer in the movie. A breakthrough among fans, it will be shown on the Globe today. For this reason, CinePOP has separated 10 curiosities about the feature. Check out!


As far as the second in the picture franchise, chronologically, it happened a year ago Indiana Jones and Riders of the Lost Ark. The reason is the screenwriter, George Lucas, The villains did not want to be Nazis again. Thus, there was a way out of the 1935 adventure.


The original opening scene is going to be an indie chase (Harrison Ford) On the Great Wall of China. He will use a motorcycle to avoid the villains. However, the Chinese government banned filming, so the idea was scrapped. It was replaced by Shanghai Bar, a sequel based on a scene intended to be part of the first film, but was canceled at the time. In the scene, Indy and Marion escape from a gunshot behind an iron gutter. From that moment on, they came up with the bar scene to fit the gang.

General Kenobi

Star Wars references to the Indiana Jones franchise are quite frequent, but it goes unnoticed by many fans. The bar of the opening sequence is called “Club Obi One”, after the general. Obi One KenobiMaster of Skywalkers in Theater.

Canine casting

One of the great things about the franchise is that the protagonist’s nickname, Indiana, was a tribute to George Lucas’ dog, the friendly Alaskan Malamute, whose behavior inspired other movie icons: Chibbaka.

But the dog’s influence did not stop there. Because two more characters from the franchise were named after the creative team Douginhos.

Inside Temple of destruction, Was named after singer Willie Steven Spielberg’s Cocker Spaniel. On one side of the picture.

The little boy was called short round because of the screenwriter’s dog. Willard WhikeWhich, in turn, was named after a character in the film Steel helmetSince 1951.

Love in the background

Kate Capshow, Who played Willie, hated his character because, to him, the singer was nothing more than a dumb, scandalous blonde. Similarly, Spielberg has already admitted that he does not like Temple of destruction It’s darker than the rest of the franchise to find, but says he has a special place in his heart because it was he who met Kate, with whom he has been married since 1991. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), Dr. Would be a joke by. Jones says Willie married a film director, referring to Spielberg, but cuts the joke.

Engaged in translation

The shaman in the village where Indy and his friends live in India is played by DR Nanayakkara, who cannot speak English despite having a large screen presence. The only option available for a scene where the character needs to speak the language is to tell Steve Spielberg to repeat the lines behind the camera and the actor to repeat. You can even see that he spoke very slowly. These were breaks because Spielberg had not yet indicated what he should say next.

Luckily, luckily

Temple of destruction This was the actor’s first work. Who is Kwan?From someone who has played short rounds and will later play Dado Hooligans. The most interesting thing is that he did not go to audition, but to give moral support to his brother, who was trying for the role. But she kept telling her brother what to do. His attitude caught the attention of Spielberg, who invited him to improve the scene where Small Fights with Indy when she sees him cheating on the card. The scene made her so happy that she was chosen out of six thousand child actors.


Considered one of the most annoying characters in the franchise – if not the most annoying -, poor Willie was portrayed as a really dangerous, dumb, beautiful and scandalous young woman. And this is reflected in the amount of screams he makes throughout the film. No less than 71 screams in about 2 hours. It is a matter of curiosity Kate Capshow I didn’t know how to shout in a “cinematic” way, I needed to take classes to learn how to shout while filming.


The most iconic scene in the film is Mining Cart Chase. In addition to being extremely well-performed, it has become synonymous with this film for being as dirty and dark as a long-running adventure. Like the Gang scene, the sequence was intended to be part of the first film, but was eventually canceled. As soon as the sequel was approved, Lucas and Spielberg decided to use it. Fortunately!

All work

German actor Pat Roach has four roles in the Indiana Jones franchise Inside Lost Ark Riders, He plays a bearded soldier who fights Indy in a burning bar. He later emerges as a stocky, bald German soldier who fights Indiana Jones at Cairo’s Nazi airport and is cut off by a propeller.

Already inside Temple of destruction, He plays the guy who plays the gong in the club Obi One and the guard who fights with Indy in the temple of Doom and is crushed to death. The idea was that he would appear in every movie of the franchise as a big man who died for Indy, but they stopped his participation in Movie Three and he died in real life before four movies.

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